Okay … Here’s the Real Reason to Attend Digital Commerce Summit in Denver

it'd be a lot cooler if you were there

You may have noticed that Copyblogger founder and Rainmaker Digital CEO Brian Clark lives in Colorado. I do, too, as do some of our wonderful virtual team.

And those of us in Colorado can’t help but notice a sharp shift in the tourists who visit our state every year.

Once, it was smiling families from around the world looking for superb skiing.

So yesterday.

Now … it’s heavy-lidded boys in hoodies, with snowboards on their backs and vapes in their pockets.

Cannabis enthusiasts are flocking to the state, creating a new era of what I like to call “freakotourism.” And we’ve decided to go all in on the trend for our live event this October.

After a certain amount of legal wrangling (and a decision not to think too hard about that inconvenient federal law stuff), Colorado, along with our baked sister state Washington, voted to quit pretending that two-thirds of the population was in chronic pain, and just declare that weed is legal.

Four years later, we have more dispensaries in Colorado – our euphemism for pot dealers – than we do Starbucks and McDonald’s combined.

I didn’t fact-check that, because, you know, it didn’t seem to be in the spirit of the thing. But it sounds awesome.

Never one to let a passing trend go, we’ll be adding some brand-new events to our live event this October.

Sure, sure, we’ll still have all of the action-oriented education, the carefully constructed curriculum, the opportunities to network with extremely smart people who are not, at that moment, high.

Blah blah blah.

But we will also have CAKE. <– No fooling. And nothing goes better with CAKE than the appropriate appetizer, right?

In the spirit of this new era in our literal (in more ways than one) mile-high city, here are a few of the additional events we’re adding to the October lineup:

#1: The Ganjapreneur track

Are you looking to start a dispensary or head shop? Looking for the latest in cannabis-friendly business models?

This track will teach you what you need to know to get out of commodity marketing and unearth the unique smoking proposition of your cannabis establishment.

We’ll spark your thinking on positioning, content strategy, funnels, search and social media strategy, and conversion techniques.

Okay, we’re actually just going to watch Weeds on Netflix. Because that show was awesome and Mary-Louise Parker was totally good at marketing her MILF weed strain. Lots to learn, people.

#2: The Blunt Truth panel

You’ve always wanted to see your entrepreneurial heroes giggle uncontrollably while making jokes no one else thinks are funny, right?

We haven’t figured out who we can rope into this will be invited to attend yet, but my money’s on a Rand Fishkin/Laura Roeder/Jeff Walker bake off. I think we can probably slip Brian Clark some edibles when he’s not paying attention, too.


And, of course …

#3: Expanded breaks at 4:20

We’ll be taking a looooong break at 4:20 each afternoon.

Because … tradition.

Okay, for real for real …

I hope you noticed today’s date and aren’t too worried. The first day of April is always so much fun, even if you’re not high.

Actually, our Digital Commerce Summit in October is going to be a laser-sharp, focused event that will measurably move you toward your goals.

This is a new iteration of our beloved annual live conference, with a focus on digital entrepreneurs and marketers. The theme of the event isn’t Dazed and Confused, but instead digital commerce with a bias for action.

So, show up with a clear head and the willingness to take significant steps forward on your business or project. We’ll walk you through a flexible, robust action framework over our two days together. In fact, our goal is to get you significant wins before you even get on the plane home.

But if you want to show up a day early or stay over the weekend and experience more of what our fine state has to offer … hey, the life of a digital entrepreneur is all about freedom. What you do on your own time is your own business. :)

Whichever option you’re going for, the pricing for the event is still sweet – and you can get an entire year of our Digital Commerce Academy packaged with it for free.

Click here to get the details and get signed up.

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