3 Resources to Help You Create, Organize, and Manage Your Content

copyblogger collection - how to sort and use your content

Miriam Lafayette really knows what she’s doing. She absolutely has it together.

Who’s Miriam Lafayette? I made her up while washing dishes, but let’s have her represent a person whose work you love.

You look forward to her new content every time she publishes. You’d be so excited if you could have brunch with her in a fancy cafe. She’d radiate luminous energy as you both sipped tiny cups of espresso and nibbled on delectable cuisine.

But if you did meet Miriam, you’d discover that she’s not always pleased with her creations. Her run-of-the-mill aura is nothing to write home about, and she regards a lot of her content as boring and cliché. Don’t get her started on her mispronunciation of “Lactobacillus acidophilus” in her latest YouTube video — it was so embarrassing.

Miriam’s power simply stems from her unrelenting motivation to help her audience.

This is great news for you, because you can adopt Miriam’s work ethic to develop your authority and build your own audience. You just need to commit to a content production process that works for you.

This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will show you:

  • How to use the law of (content) attraction
  • How to create a valuable membership site your audience will love
  • How to tame content creation chaos with rock-solid workflows

And if you’re still skeptical that well-known authorities criticize themselves, check out this video of Adele — yes, the master vocalist, Adele — disparaging her voice.

No one is free from self-doubt, but you can choose to overcome it, like Adele and all the people you personally admire. Now here’s your mini content production course …

The Law of (Content) Attraction


On the surface, content is a vehicle for attracting prospects and leads who will eventually become customers or clients.

Sonia Simone adds:

“We want to pull the right people in.

And if we’re smart, we want to chase the wrong people away.

But well-designed content marketing has a funny way of opening all kinds of doors you never realized were there.”

Discover how you can use content to open these unexpected doors in Sonia’s article, The Law of (Content) Attraction.

4 Ways to Turn a Mature Membership Site into a Treasured Resource Your Members Will Love


Debbie Hodge’s membership site was loaded with tons of value — ebooks, worksheets, audio, video, etc. It was a result of hard work, focus, and dedication. So, what could possibly be problematic?

Her members were intimidated by all the content. They either didn’t know where to start or couldn’t find time to study all of her materials. Debbie knew she had to transform her content library into an accessible resource that members would love and use regularly.

In 4 Ways to Turn a Mature Membership Site into a Treasured Resource Your Members Will Love, she explains the important changes she made. The best part is Debbie’s organizational tips are also helpful if you’re still in the early stages of building a membership site or you plan to build one in the future.

How to Tame Content Creation Chaos with Rock-Solid Workflows


If you perform the same types of tasks over and over again, you could benefit from simplifying your processes into workflows. Charlie Gilkey defines a workflow as “simply the regular sequence of tasks through which any activity is completed.”

Once you establish a workflow, you’ll notice ways you can be more efficient.

Charlie says:

“Even if you’re not at the point where you can or want to start delegating, using well-defined content marketing workflows makes you a more creative and productive content marketer because the structure they provide helps reduce cognitive load, prevent errors, save time, and maximize the results of the content you work so hard to create.”

He reveals a simple way to set up content marketing workflows in How to Tame Content Creation Chaos with Rock-Solid Workflows.

What do you have to offer?

Don’t let any self-doubt you may have hold you back from sharing your unique skills and areas of expertise. The benefits of helping others outweigh the drawbacks of embarrassing mistakes you may make along the way.

When your content attracts the right people, those individuals will stick around on your good days and bad days because they realize you’re human — just like them.

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