Rainmaker Rewind: How to Stir Up Reader Interest by Dishing Out Your Ideas

Rainmaker.FM rewind

This week, I’m excited to share one of our newest shows with you: Zero to Book.

On this episode, Jeff Goins and Pamela Wilson discuss reader feedback, exceeding expectations, and three ways to apply the principle of generosity breeding reciprocity.


As they discuss, your existing audience members help you in two ways: they provide feedback on the ideas you plan to write about and they build anticipation for your book.

But for the feedback to come in and the anticipation to build, you have to be willing to share your ideas.

Some authors hesitate to reveal their thoughts because they fear someone else “stealing” them and publishing them before their book is released.

But there are costs if you don’t take the risk and share your ideas — putting your ideas out there has distinct benefits. To start, it’s a chance to begin exceeding people’s expectations of you.

Tune in for more on Zero to Book here.

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And one more thing …

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See you next week.

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