Rainmaker Rewind: Why Freedom Beats Money and Status

Rainmaker.FM rewind

This week\’s edition of Rainmaker Rewind features a fascinating new episode of Unemployable about freedom, entrepreneurship, and the value of experiencing life on your own terms.

As you\’ll learn, Natalie Sisson has spent the last few years of her life building her online business while living out of her suitcase.


Natalie is, without doubt, a freedom advocate. She calls her audience “Freedom-seekers” and sports a t-shirt that reads “Choose Freedom.”

In this episode, Brian and Natalie discuss just how multidimensional freedom actually is, beyond the “digital nomad” lifestyle.

Plus, they\’ll explore how a smart pricing strategy can free you from the tyranny of scale and help you achieve your particular business goals faster.

Click here to tune in to this eye-opening interview on Unemployable.

Feeling inspired? Here are a couple more episodes to really get your brain working …


In this episode of the new Mindset series on The Mainframe, Tony and Chris explain what having a productive mindset actually means, and why it is so important.

The Mainframe: The Mindset of a Marketer


In this episode of TubeTalk, Jeremy discusses the importance of the video content you create and the influence your videos have on your audience. He also covers outlining your production schedule.

TubeTalk: The Power of Developing a Video Content Calendar

And one more thing …

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See you next week.

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