3 Sources of Fuel for Sophisticated Content Marketers

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“Don’t worry; she’s nice” is a phrase a friend might comfort you with before you contact someone you don’t know.

Once you hear those words, relief sets in.

If we know “nice” is the preferable way to behave toward others, why is it that we all encounter many people who are not “nice?”

It’s a complicated question. Perhaps everyone has his or her own idea of what “nice” is. Regardless, you have the power to choose your behavior in any given situation. You can be a considerate, respectful person to other people.

“Considerate” and “respectful” are more concrete and less subjective than “nice.”

And while “nice” is a reasonable starting place, effective content marketing has precisely defined characteristics. It’s sophisticated and goes way beyond “nice.”

This week’s Copyblogger Collection is a series of three handpicked articles that will show you:

  • How to seduce blog readers and win clients
  • How to make winning infographics without risk
  • How to delegate content marketing tasks

As you work your way through the material below, think of the following lessons as a mini content marketing course for sophisticated content marketers.

No Blog Traffic? Here’s a Simple Strategy to Seduce Readers and Win Clients


Writing is hard work, so it can be quite disappointing if you’ve been writing content for your site for a while but it’s not attracting the right clients and customers to your business.

As Pamela Wilson said yesterday, “Content marketing results happen slowly, and they happen over time.” No one can speed up the process, but Henneke has a technique that optimized her own content strategy.

Check out No Blog Traffic? Here’s a Simple Strategy to Seduce Readers and Win Clients for a five-step plan that helps you cater to your audience’s wants and needs.

How to Make Winning Infographics Without Risk


On the surface, infographics are powerful pieces of content because they’re entertaining and shareable. When you dig a little deeper, however, you’ll discover that the way you approach the creation of infographics can make a significant impact on your content strategy.

Demian Farnworth says:

I want you to think of the infographic like a pillar — a pillar that reaches back in the past and extends into the future. It reaches back to revive old content and extends forward to create more content.

In How to Make Winning Infographics Without Risk, Demian provides a tutorial that enables you to produce more enjoyable content in less time.

Content Marketing Is Easier When You (Partially) Delegate These 12 Tasks

Delegate content marketing

Charlie Gilkey wants you to spend more time on the content marketing activities you do best — those high-value activities that require your unique brilliance.

Sometimes it’s difficult to focus your energy on those tasks when you’re pulled in many different directions to manage everything on your content marketing plate.

Content Marketing Is Easier When You (Partially) Delegate These 12 Tasks reveals ways you can free up your bandwidth without sacrificing quality. Be sure to take Charlie’s 30-minute challenge at the end of the article — it could save you hours every week for years to come.

Move beyond “nice”

Sometimes you have to try new methods to see better results. Use this post (and save it for future reference) to help you fine-tune your content strategy.

How can you adapt the tips in these articles to meet your own content marketing goals?

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