How to Take the Guesswork Out of Content Marketing

stop guessing and start knowing

Authority, our advanced content marketing training program, is open to new members this week only.

Why should you care? Read on.

Here’s the harsh truth about any marketing: there’s no magic switch you can flip to turn it “on” and make it start working immediately.

Marketing with content is no exception to this rule.

Content marketing results happen slowly, and they happen over time.

If you do it right, you’ll create content that continues to send you new prospects and customers for many years after you created it.

If you do it right is the operative phrase here.

Content marketing reality check

Too often, your content marketing efforts look like this:

  • You set out to create content that attracts leads to your business. It sort of works.
  • Then you hear about some new content marketing technique that promises to “revolutionize your business.” Maybe it’s infographics. Or SlideShare. Or webinars. Or Facebook ads. Or even marketing automation.
  • So you set out to learn this new thing. Because it’s #amazing. Right? It’s the thing that’s going to transform your business!
  • While you’re learning the new thing, the old reliable things are stagnating. That solid, effective content you could be creating gets ignored and abandoned.

Here’s the truth:

When you don’t know what really works, every new content marketing technique that comes along is a distraction.

Every new tool takes time and energy to learn.

In the meantime, you’re guessing at what will work. You don’t have time to investigate every claim, so you take a guess at what you want to try next, and you dive in.

What if you had a team of people sorting through the latest content marketing information for you? A team you trusted. A team whose skills you admire.

And what if that team packaged up their best information and delivered it to you every Friday for an hour or so in a fun, informative, private session?

And what if they gave you time to ask questions and get answers that are specific to your business?

Welcome to Authority (doors are open now)

Authority is our advanced content marketing training program. It’s where we present everything we’ve learned from the front lines of content marketing in a format that shows you how to apply it to your own business.

Here’s what we’ve got for you every month inside Authority

Monthly Master Class sessions

Once a month, we dive deep into a specific content marketing topic to help you master it so you can use it in your own business.

In addition to an in-depth webinar presentation, you’ll get downloadable materials that will help you apply what you’ve learned.

Authority Business Coaching sessions: the “sleeper” hit

Last fall, we started something new. We began hosting Authority Business Coaching sessions every month.

Authority members fill out a simple application and we select one person to sit in our friendly “hot seat.” The member gets targeted advice to help them solve a business challenge.

It’s a little like what you’d experience in an expensive mastermind group, if you’re familiar with those. (But without the big-ticket price tag.)

Since many of us have similar business challenges, every member benefits from lessons shared during Authority Business Coaching sessions.

That’s why they’re our most popular new content on the site. Members love them, and you will too.

Live Q&A sessions

Ever wish you could ask Rainmaker Digital staff a specific business question? Here’s your chance.

Every month, Authority hosts a live Q&A session where you can submit your question and get it answered by members of the Rainmaker Digital team. We’ll provide guidance, resources, and recommendations to keep you moving forward with your content marketing and your business.

Behind the Scenes sessions

On the last Friday of the month, we invite a successful business owner to drop by and share their “secret” tips for how they’re using content marketing to grow their audience and their profits.

You can attend live, ask them questions, and learn from their successes.

Occasional bonus sessions

We like to throw in wild card educational content once in a while to keep members on their toes. :-)

The latest bonus session? “How to Style a Post,” where I walk you through a step-by-step process to make your content look friendly, inviting, and readable.

You’re invited to our private forum

It’s not easy to do what we all do: we’re juggling marketing our businesses with running our businesses. Or we’re looking for new ways to attract an audience for our employer.

Either way, when we talk about work with our friends and family, we get the big, blank stare in return.

The quizzical look.

The “that’s nice” response.

You’ve heard it before:

“What do you mean by ‘building a list’ dear?” or “Why did you just ask me to tell the kids dinner is ready with a ‘call to action?’”

One of the best aspects of our Authority program is we’re all in it together.

We’re a community of content marketers and business owners. We’re writers, coaches, artists, engineers, bloggers, designers, developers, teachers, financial consultants … you get the idea.

We’re a diverse bunch. But we’re all using content marketing, and we’re all getting really good at it.

What that means for you is that when you join us, you’re joining a wide-ranging group of smart people who will “get” you. We’ll understand your jargon and your challenges.

Even better, we can share what’s worked for us so you can learn.

And you get ongoing access to editorial team leads from Rainmaker Digital:

  • Sonia Simone, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer
  • Pamela Wilson, Executive Vice President of Educational Content
  • Stefanie Flaxman, Editor-in-Chief
  • Demian Farnworth, Chief Content Writer
  • Jerod Morris, Vice President of Marketing
  • Plus other special guests from our company and beyond

We’re on the front lines of the content marketing world. We stay up to date so you don’t have to.

We bring you everything we’ve learned so you can feel confident that you’re applying industry best practices to your marketing efforts and your business.

You’ll get keys to the extensive Authority archive

In addition to our ongoing education, Authority boasts a substantial archive of valuable content designed to help you in almost any aspect of your business.

You’ll find more than 250 hours of education from people like Brian Clark, Chris Garrett, Pam Slim, Darren Rowse, Chris Guillebeau, Laura Roeder, Jon Morrow, and many more.

This is one archive you’ll want to get lost in.

Join today: doors close January 27, 2016

The doors to our Authority program are open until next Wednesday, January 27, 2016. We’re inviting in a new group of members this week, and then we close our doors again until later this year.

Get Authority

Try Authority on for size, risk-free

There’s no risk to joining Authority: our 30-day money-back guarantee means you can join and begin benefiting from the knowledge and the community right now.

If you discover you don’t want Authority, let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund your purchase no questions asked.

Click the button below to get Authority today before the doors close on January 27, 2016.

Get Authority

Question Authority

Do you have questions about the Authority program?

We’re happy to answer them in the comments. Doors are open for one week only, so ask today.

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