Hola Check out this brilliant review for Pet Club Food And Supplies Reviews

http://petclubstores.com/ PET CLUB FOOD AND SUPPLIES REVIEWS

​PET CLUB FOOD AND SUPPLIES is a family owned, Bay Area based, Pet Supply Superstore chain with 12 Greater Bay Area Store Locations. We offer a wide variety of Pet Food and Pet Supplies and use our buying power to give you the lowest price possible. WHY PAY MORE !! Come shop and compare to start saving $$$!! PET CLUB FOOD AND SUPPLIES REVIEWS It's been a while since I've been in this store but really liked the extensive variety they offered before. I called today because I'm picking up two new Dogue de Bordeaux pups on Saturday and wanted to start their diet off on the right paw. Ha! I was looking into Science Diet and Taste of the Wild. Vince told me about a new grain free all stage that is at a super deal right now and has had really great reviews. He went back like 3 times to check prices and bag sizes for me and was really informative. Super knowledgeable and upbeat. I really appreciated his knowledge and “no problem” attitude to keep checking things for me. Can hardly wait to welcome my new fur friend family and start them off with a good diet of grain free.Thanks Vince, you're awesome 8515 Bond Rd Elk Grove, CA 95624 (916) 686-7808


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