Brian Clark on the Power of Content Marketing


If you’re a fan of one or more of our shows (or products), you can now follow the hosts, writers, and developers of Rainmaker Digital as they travel further out onto the Internet to be interviewed by other smart people.

Tune in as Brian Clark sits down with Zac Johnson to chat about creating powerful content that resonates with an audience.

In this 39-minute episode, Brian Clark and Zac Johnson discuss:

  • Brian’s total lack of interest in working 9-5
  • Using online marketing to build offline business
  • The creation of Copyblogger and how it grew over time
  • Solving problems and creating businesses along the way
  • The story of StudioPress and selling premium WordPress themes
  • Building the Rainmaker Platform and a podcast network
  • Recognizing opportunities and changing with the times

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Rainmaker.FM is the premier digital marketing and sales podcast network. Get on-demand digital business and marketing advice from experts, whenever and wherever you want it.

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