So You Hit Publish, Now What? 9 Simple Ways to Get More Readers Once Your Content Is Live


If you don’t have a system in place for promoting your content, you’re really missing out. Fortunately, Hit Publish host Amy Harrison has you covered.

Today, we’re going beyond hitting the publish button.

You’ve taken time to research, write, and publish high-quality content your audience is going to love. The mistake you don’t want to make is to think hitting the publish button is the final step — because really, it’s just the beginning.

Many business owners get frustrated by putting time and effort into content creation only to see their social media counters at zero, no blog comments, and no real engagement. If you can relate to that, you’re going to love the following nine techniques and tools.

Tune in to Hit Publish to find out:

  • The first place you should go to share your content (it’s an easy win)
  • How to get industry leaders to share your content
  • How to automatically promote your latest content with every email you write (without being spammy)
  • The tools you can use to build content karma and make it more likely people will promote your posts (in just a few minutes a day)

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