Thoughts Thought after Periscope

Chris Brogan It was an interesting experience, having a bunch of negative people show up to see what I’d talk about. They were mostly mad that I said I didn’t like a piece of software that they like. It’s really funny to me. Just because I have an opinion that’s counter to their opinion about a software that neither of us created, I’m a jerk. That’s my first takeaway. People are pretty passionate about Periscope.

My Position Remains Unchanged

My point is that it’s kind of a messy way to build your business. It is effective for what it does. It’s helpful insofar as it lets you build some relationship-like connectivity by showing people your live and wobbly face. And I see the value in the intimacy. But to me, if you have two hours in a day to devote to the online channel for building your business, I’d rank this one last.

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