Showrunner Short: Live Reaction from Podcast Movement 2015


While waiting for Sarah Koenig’s closing keynote at Podcast Movement 2015, The Showrunner hosts Jerod Morris and Jonny Nastor recorded a full episode of The Showrunner from the exhibit hall floor. They figured they’d get it out to you as soon as possible.

Reason 1: Because it was fun, the recording quality ended up being quite good, and they want to transfer their Podcast Movement enthusiasm to you while it’s still fresh and relevant.

Reason 2: The Showrunner Podcasting Course reopened yesterday. And what better excuse to remind you, than with 30 bonus minutes of entertaining, informative content? :-)

Among the topics they discuss:

  • The big takeaway from Jordan Harbinger’s presentation about being the “gatekeeper” for your audience
  • How Jordan’s advice would have helped Jonny two weeks ago during an interview that wasn’t going well
  • The birth of “Smack the Entrepreneur”
  • The essential power of excitement and a feeling of ownership for your project
  • How Jonny rocked his panel on sponsorships (the power of building relationships and, yes, being human)
  • Quick hit takeaways from keynote presentations by Pat Flynn, Roman Mars, John Lee Dumas, Lou Mongello, Aisha Tyler, and Marc Maron

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