How a Life-Long Entrepreneur Transformed into a Full-Time Author


Joanna Penn is a life-long entrepreneur that has also worked for major corporations and has even run her own scuba diving business. But after years of not finding what made her happy, she turned to writing books and found the true success she’d wanted all along.

Fifteen books later, this fiction and nonfiction author is the epitome of success in the self-publishing movement.

Want to know how to leave your day job and become a full-time successful author? This interview is for you …

In this episode of Authorpreneur, host Jim Kukral and Joanna Penn discuss:

  • How to leave your job and build a writing career
  • How Joanna makes money in her book business
  • What it takes to become a full-time authorpreneur and succeed at it over the long-term
  • Why book covers and pen names matter more than you think
  • The #1 way to sell books and find new readers
  • Why we need more women authorpreneurs to step into the spotlight

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