5 Simple Steps for Creating Content, Even When Life Gets in the Way


If you’re about to start a content marketing strategy for your business and you’re wondering how to keep showing up consistently, or you’re already struggling with sporadic publishing habits, this episode of Hit Publish is for you.

If people tell you that creating content regularly is easy, they’re telling fibs. It’s one of the biggest challenges businesses face when Hitting Publish and host Amy Harrison has got a confession to make … she has struggled with it a lot in the past.

Fortunately, this means Amy has a few sneaky tips for helping you out if you’re in a content creation jam.

You can turn things around, and Amy won’t be asking you to go from zero to hundreds of posts in just a week.

Publishing content for your business should be fun, because if you’re not having fun, you won’t show up regularly, and when you do show up, your audience will know they’re not getting your best.

Tune in to this episode of Hit Publish to find out:

  • Why the secret to showing up starts before you create any content
  • Why you must be able to identify the triggers that will trip you up
  • How to add a little “friendly pressure” to make sure you hit your publishing deadlines
  • The two voices in your head you need to ignore (and the one that will keep you motivated and feeling good about yourself

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