A New Way to Think About Your Show’s U.S.P.


One of the common threads from the speakers at Authority Rainmaker was the importance of differentiation.

In this new episode of The Showrunner, Jerod Morris and Jon Nastor provide a new way to view the unique selling proposition of your show.

After opening with a brief discussion about incredible benefits you can gain from taking online relationships offline, Jerod and Jon dig into differentiation.

During their discussion, you’ll learn:

  • What Sally Hogshead meant by “different is better than better” (and how it will help your show)
  • Why you need to know what your “unique show positioning” is
  • How to differentiate your show through the format you choose
  • Why being “unique” does not mean doing something that’s never been done before
  • Other ways to differentiate, including: style, schedule, timing, take
  • Why you should actually be glad when some people don’t like your show

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