The Oddest Story About Overcoming Obscurity You’ll Ever Hear


It’s a monumental moment in the history of Rough Draft because we are going to break — for the first time ever — the monologue mold of Rough Draft.

In fact, we’re going to do it all week.

See, Demian Farnworth has four short interviews for you from four superb web writers. People who will teach you fabulous lessons on overcoming obscurity, finding your voice, choosing the right words, and rapidly expanding your audience.

Right now, you’ll hear from the lovely James Chartrand, a single mom with two kids who built a world-class design and copywriting boutique called Men with Pens.

But her ride wasn’t pretty. Her story is one of intrigue and forced anonymity. And downright sexism.

It’s one of unfair competition and writing $2 articles. But there are also inside jokes about dressing drag and being Canadian, and ultimately, a happy ending that culminated in a blog post on Copyblogger that blew all of our collective minds.

Demian speaks in superlatives because this story demands superlatives. And it demands your attention. Particularly if you feel alone and forgotten and like no one will ever notice you. Because the lesson is if this single mom can win the attention battle with these odds, so can you.

So pay attention …

Because in this roughly 20-minute episode of Rough Draft with Demian Farnworth and James Chartrand, you’ll discover:

  • Fab advice about getting noticed from a woman who chose to remain obscure
  • The icky environment James found herself in when she got started
  • Demian’s favorite blog post on Copyblogger (and why James had to write it)
  • What she thinks of the current state of affairs for women web writers
  • The ugly results behind a pricing test she ran as a woman, then as a man
  • What you have to do when you must control a public conversation
  • Learn James’s real first name (she won’t reveal the last — Demian begged)

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