The Shocking Way to Master Any Book


What Rough Draft host Demian Farnworth is about to say might make you grit your teeth. Clench your fist. Or even pick up a crow bar …

Demian wants to show you why marking in a book is a good thing. And he wants to show you that unless you do this, you’re likely missing out on the best kind of reading.

The point of reading a good book is not to see how many you can get through. The point is to see how many get through to you.

How many you absorb into your blood. Marking in it helps you do that.

Now, you might compare the idea of writing in a book to a suggestion that we should rip out the chrysanthemums from your garden. Uproot the lemongrass and lavender. Or pluck your prize-winning cherry tree out with a winch hitched to a dually.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. So relax.

In this roughly 6-minute episode of Rough Draft with Demian Farnworth, you’ll discover:

  • Five good reasons to write in a book
  • The number one reason you should go to the trouble of writing in a book
  • 10 simple ways to write in a book
  • The kind of books you never mark
  • The three kinds of readers (and the two you should never be)

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